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DOX Soundproofing's acoustic solutions have a wide range of applications!

In this section we would like to give you a number of examples and important points of attention to optimise the sound insulation in your building.

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Don't let noise be a bummer and ensure good interior acoustics for both customers and staff in restaurants, cafes and banquet halls.
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Each office has its unique character and related needs. One acoustic solution is not the other. Is your office space classified as an open office or do you have a closed office? How are you going to (re)arrange your office space according to distancing measures and / or the evolution towards working from home more frequently? Make sure that the acoustics of your office remain optimal, in every situation!
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Public buildings

Public life deserves an adapted acoustic approach! Town halls, libraries, cultural centers, ... Each space has a specific function and needs adapted acoustics to optimize the quality of life and to guarantee a healthy working and living atmosphere in the public sector.
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Sports infrastructure

Create a healthy sports environment in sports halls, swimming pools and other multipurpose spaces with optimal acoustics. Do not only limit nuisance internally, but make sure that the sound does not radiate into the environment. Take the sports characteristics of the room into account and adjust your room and building acoustics accordingly.
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Don't let sound interfere with your recordings. Optimize the acoustics in your recording or music studio and prevent complaints from neighbours.
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Care facilities

A healing environment also means good acoustics! Good acoustics are an important pillar for a healthy indoor climate and it affects not only the well-being, but also the performance of everyone in the room. All the more reason to consider acoustics in hospitals and residential care: it not only affects the recovery of patients, but also the nursing staff.
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Our services

Modular system solution

DOX Soundproofing guides you in the composition of various products in order to arrive at a complete sound-insulating system solution.

Sound and vibration measurement

In some cases, an acoustic simulation or a standard sound or vibration measurement is performed to form a correct picture of the current acoustic climate.

Assembly service

If necessary, in addition to delivering the goods, we can also provide on-site assembly by ao. our certified DOX technicians.



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