Each office has its unique character and related needs. One acoustic solution is not the other. Is your office space classified as an open office or do you have a closed office? How are you going to (re)arrange your office space according to distancing measures and / or the evolution towards working from home more frequently? Make sure that the acoustics of your office remain optimal, in every situation!

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Modular & flexible solutions tailored to any office space

Optimize your work & meeting rooms with modular acoustic solutions. This allows you to create the optimal working and meeting climate. A meeting room requires a different acoustic approach than a landscape office or a reception area. Use targeted acoustic solutions to define rest zones from active zones and integrate the products into your entire interior design.

Frequently used solutions in offices are: wall and ceiling panels (suspended or not), acoustic meeting cubicles, acoustic lounge systems, acoustic lighting, etc.

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The advantages

By taking an integrated & complete approach to acoustic comfort, taking into account the different functionalities of spaces within a company, the employer not only promotes the well-being of its customers and employees, but also increases motivation and performance within the company.
Acoustic comfort is inextricably linked to a healthy working climate!

Try out our ACaaS service and guarantee that the acoustics evolves with your company, your needs and your interior.

Curious which solutions guarantee the best acoustics in your office? Please feel free to contact our specialists or fill in the quotation form and we will discuss this with you!

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  • Improve working climate
  • Increase motivation & improve performance
  • Reduce stress levels & improve wellness
  • Guarantee privacy


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