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A healing environment also means good acoustics! Good acoustics are an important pillar for a healthy indoor climate and it affects not only the well-being, but also the performance of everyone in the room. All the more reason to consider acoustics in hospitals and residential care: it not only affects the recovery of patients, but also the nursing staff.

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Modular acoustic solutions for a healing environment

As a care environment such as a hospital is aimed at healing, it is all the more important to ensure that the acoustic comfort is optimal. It is therefore advisable - certainly in rooms where the health of patients and visitors are even more important - to optimize the acoustics from the initial phase and to invest in an integrated approach to both sound absorption and sound insulation.

We have an extensive range of acoustic solutions and can therefore respond perfectly to the needs of care centers and individual areas. A patient room needs a completely different approach than the corridors, the lobby, the cafeteria or even the waiting area.

The additional requirements of hygiene in cleanrooms and operating rooms are met by our ISOLECO products, for example. But in the reception area or foyer you can incorporate the appearance of your care center into your acoustics and go for color or shape accents such as with Vibrasto in patchwork or the Mood Tube informal meeting cell.

A healing environment also implies good acoustics
The advantages

Strengthen the healing process of patients, optimize the working environment for staff and improve the quality of life in hospitals and residential care centers.

See also the AcustiCare project, where research has been conducted into the effect of noise on people with behavioral problems in residential care centers, and to which DOX Acoustics has been able to contribute. And also take a look at our Acoustics-as-a-Service service that ensures that your acoustic comfort grows with your budget and your infrastructure.

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  • Contribute to patient recovery
  • Improve staff wellbeing
  • Increase the comfort for visitors
  • Meet hygiene requirements of cleanrooms & operating rooms


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