Don't let sound interfere with your recordings. Optimize the acoustics in your recording or music studio and prevent complaints from neighbours.

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Solutions to achieve the most beautiful sound

When building or renovating a recording studio, use both sound-absorbing and insulating solutions. Detach the substrates from the building structure and prevent sound transmission to the outside, but also optimize the sound and acoustics inside the studio:

DOX Soundproofing provides custom sound-insulating solutions for retaining walls, floating floors and suspended ceilings. Not to mention the necessary sound-insulating doors and silencers for ventilation ducts.

DOX Acoustics' acoustic solutions provide high-quality sound absorption. Sound absorption improves the acoustics and quality of life in the studio: clear sound for a clear recording.

Thanks to the various flexible solutions that DOX Group offers, you can record voice-overs, podcasts or music without any problems.

Create high-quality recordings without ambient noise and without generating any disturbance
The advantages

Whether home studios or professional studios, sound plays an important role in every situation. Make sure that outside noise does not disturb your recordings and that your recordings do not cause any nuisance in your environment.

Pure sound, clear recording, no problems with reverberation, ambient noise or complaining neighbours.

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  • Create quality, professional recordings
  • Avoid disturbing noises from the environment
  • Limit noise transmission to adjacent areas
  • Reduce room reverberation


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