Public buildings

Public life deserves an adapted acoustic approach! Town halls, libraries, cultural centers, ... Each space has a specific function and needs adapted acoustics to optimize the quality of life and to guarantee a healthy working and living atmosphere in the public sector.

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Vast choice of acoustic solutions tailored to every public space

Whether it is a cultural centre, a lecture hall, a library, a museum, or another public building:
Thanks to our extensive range of products, we have a suitable acoustic solution for every room, taking into account the acoustic requirements, as well as to the functional, budgetary, aesthetic and safety requirements.

Frequently used solutions in public buildings are D-Panel - whether or not covered with textile, but also Stereo and D-Art panels.

Acoustic comfort for any public space
The advantages

Public buildings suffer a lot from reverberation. With the help of modular acoustic solutions, none of the staff has to raise their voice to be heard. This way conversations run smoothly and questions are dealt with quickly.

Let yourself be completely unburdened in terms of acoustic comfort.
Discover Acoustics as a Service: a rental formula that offers flexible acoustic solutions tailored to your building and budget.

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  • Contribute to a healthy indoor climate
  • Improve the well-being of visitors & employees
  • Use modular & flexible acoustic solutions
  • Increase motivation & performance


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