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Capture sound vibrations and ensure a pleasant working and living environment in and around any type of building. In a world where peace and quiet play an increasingly important role in our well-being, DOX Soundproofing strives for optimal, balanced and acoustically sound sound-insulating, vibration-damping and anti-drumming solutions.

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Modular system solution

DOX Soundproofing guides you in the composition of various products in order to arrive at a complete sound-insulating system solution.

Sound and vibration measurement

In some cases, an acoustic simulation or a standard sound or vibration measurement is performed to form a correct picture of the current acoustic climate.

Assembly service

If necessary, in addition to delivering the goods, we can also provide on-site assembly by ao. our certified DOX technicians.



We have a number of standard products in stock in order to supply very quickly. Purchase standard products directly from our webshop. 

The advantages
of DOX Soundproofing

DOX Soundproofing helps you with the most diverse aspects of sound insulation and acoustics. Ranging from decoupling sound-producing rooms from sound-sensitive rooms, damping installation noise, building full-fledged sound barriers, and even creating fully insulating system solutions: the most important thing is that the solution fits exactly with your project.

Prevent equipment noise

Tackle the noise generated by large industrial machines. Disconnect them from their support structures or absorb the vibrations.

Improve well-being

Protect employees, residents and neighbors against physical and psychological complaints due to noise pollution.

Limit sound transmission

Prevent nuisance caused by the transmission of contact or airborne noise - from internal or external sound sources - throughout your building.

Constructing peace of mind.

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