Audiometric Booths

DOX Soundproofing offers an extensive range of metal audiology booths that are supplied as standard and made to measure. Installed in a large number of hospitals, universities, laboratories, medical and research centers around the world, these audiology booths meet both technical and acoustic standards and are delivered tailored to each project.
They are perfectly adapted to occupational medicine or public institutions and are completely autonomous, equipped with their own ventilation and lighting system, a seat, a shelf and a connection panel (for connecting audiometer).
The booths are available in kit form or fully pre-assembled and are ready for use immediately after installation.

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Audio 6000

The Audio 6000 cabin has the same characteristics as its little sister, the Audio 3000 series, except that it is made of a double wall. This cabin therefore offers an extremely high level of acoustic ...
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Audio 1500

Slightly larger than its sister Audio 1000, Audio 1500 shares the same characteristics (both acoustically and in terms of equipment). This booth provides an ideal environment for patients during heari...
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Audio 3000

Audio 3000 booths are custom designed and adapt to the constraints and specificities of each project. With a very high level of performance (acoustic and vibration) combined with a modular, flexible a...
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Audio 1000

The Audio 1000 is the most compact audiometry cabin in the range. A very competitive solution, the Audio 100 is suitable for hearing screening tests. Adapted to the needs of occupational physicians or...
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Our services

Modular system solution

DOX Soundproofing guides you in the composition of various products in order to arrive at a complete sound-insulating system solution.

Sound and vibration measurement

In some cases, an acoustic simulation or a standard sound or vibration measurement is performed to form a correct picture of the current acoustic climate.

Assembly service

If necessary, in addition to delivering the goods, we can also provide on-site assembly by ao. our certified DOX technicians.



We have a number of standard products in stock in order to supply very quickly. Purchase standard products directly from our webshop. 

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