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Pak de geluidsisolatie en trillingsisolatie gericht aan in geluidsgevoelige ruimtes zoals bioscopen, theaters, concertzalen enz.

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Cultural centres, theater halls, concert halls, etc. have a great deal of importance on good acoustics in their halls, but also on good sound insulation in relation to adjacent spaces with a different interpretation, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood. For example, they may not create noise pollution themselves in relation to the environment, but the environment may also not exert a negative influence on the performances and events in the halls. Consider, for example, protection against construction noise and vibrations caused by rail and road traffic.

But the sound should also not spill over from rehearsal rooms and office spaces on the stages and vice versa.

Guarantee optimal cultural experience conditions
The advantages

Whether in a business complex or a residential environment, noise must not cause any nuisance inside or outside the event complexes.

Limit noise nuisance in relation to the environment and other users of the building. And ensure optimal event & cultural conditions.

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  • Ensure good sound absorption & (vibration) insulation
  • Avoid noise pollution from the surroundings
  • Shield sound-sensitive areas from loud sound sources
  • Ensure optimal environment for cultural activities


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