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Decoupled acoustic wall in concert hall Kavka

Following an acoustic study carried out by Kavka Oudaan in 2019 by an acoustic engineering bureau, a decoupled wall in front of the original wall was placed along the entire length of the south facade of the Kavka club and café. For this they called on the expertise of DOX Soundproofing (still part of the DOX Acoustics brand * in 2020).

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The wall was composed of:

  • QR wall brackets & Wall Fix: to disconnect the retention wall from the existing wall and thereby break the transmission of vibration noise between the structural components.

  • Wall Strips & Edge Strips: to minimize flanking transmissions and improve vibration and structural sound insulation of load-bearing walls.

  • Illform (heavy mass foil) in between plasterboard plates: to add mass to the retaining wall and thus block sound transmission from the airborne noise

  • PV-Panel as sound-absorbing cavity panels: to absorb the airborne noise that enters the cavity.

The retention wall is completely free-standing and can be mounted with any void. As a result of this intervention, a tangible improvement to the environment has already been established. But in order to fully comply with noise standards, there are still a number of crucial acoustical adjustments to be made in the room.

Client: Kavka vzw
Delivery: 2019
Location: Antwerpen
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